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SCinet Call for Transport Connectivity for SC21 in St. Louis

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Responses Due by May 31, 2021

The SCinet Wide Area Network (WAN) Transport Team is accepting requests for transport connectivity for the SC21 conference and exhibition at the America’s Center Convention Complex (ACCC) in St. Louis, Missouri, November 14-19, 2021. The team is also requesting feedback on the SCinet WAN proposal.

Each year at the SC Conference, exhibitors plan large scale, high bandwidth demonstrations that connect the host convention center to remote HPC resources around the world. In order to support these groundbreaking demonstrations, the conference builds SCinet – a highly sophisticated, cutting edge, high-capacity network. To provide the best experience possible for SC21, SCinet is requesting that exhibitors and network entities identify their wide area network (WAN) resource needs.

The SCinet Wide Area Network (WAN) Transport Team is collaborating with research and education (R&E) networks, commercial networks and exchange points to provide this wide area network connectivity for SC21 demonstrations and experiments. The team is planning to provide bandwidth from regional, national and international exchange points including:

  • Washington Internet Exchange (WIX)
  • StarLight (Chicago)
  • TransPAC (Seattle)
  • Pacific Wave
  • Pacific Northwest Gigapop
  • Manhattan Landing (MAN LAN)
  • AMPATH International Exchange Point

This year, SCinet will support connectivity to MOREnet, the network that serves Missouri’s research and education community. SCinet will also deploy a 100G link to the ESnet and Internet2 networks and several major cities,” said SC21 SCinet WAN Chair Brenna Meade. “Now is the time for participants to submit their requests for transport connectivity for the conference.”

WAN Requirments

To provide the best experience possible for SC21, SCinet is requesting that exhibitors and network entities identify their wide area network (WAN) resource needs. WAN circuits are needed for any exhibitor that requires point-to-point connectivity to a remote location in support of a booth demonstration. SCinet is working collaboratively with national research and commercial networks to implement the required WAN requirements for SC21. Please include any details of your specific requirements, including:

  • Circuit type and bandwidth
  • Direction of large flows from ACCC (inbound, outbound, or both)
  • Carrier or provider
  • Circuit origination points
  • Circuit termination point on the SC21 show floor, if known
  • Are you working with a regional network or exchange point already?
  • Who is the contact point at that network?
  • Will you need Layer 2 VLANs,Layer 3 (IP Routing) Services, or both?
  • Do you have any supporting documentation or proposed network diagrams?
  • Requesting organization
  • Technical contact information

The transport team is planning for multiple 100G circuits to the following cities:

  • Washington, DC (1500 Eckington Place)
  • McLean, VA (1755 Old Meadow Road)
  • New York City, NY (32 Avenue of the Americas)
  • Seattle, WA (Westin, 2001 6th Ave)
  • Dallas, TX (Databank Akard Street)
  • Los Angeles, CA (818 W. 7th – 6th floor)
  • Sunnyvale, CA (1380 Kifer Road)
  • Miami, FL (Nap of the Americas)
  • Chicago, IL (Starlight)

NOTE: Transport to the SC21 circuit landing points are the responsibility of each NRE participant.

The team will also work closely with international exchange points and R&E networks to make sensible use of transoceanic bandwidth for international demonstration traffic, including the Asia Pacific Ring (APR) collaboration and the Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) network collaboration.

Network Map

The following network map outlines the proposed end-point locations and bandwidth into the St. Louis America’s Center for SC21. SCinet requires that all researchers planning to submit Network Research Experiment (NRE) proposals for SC21 review the proposal and provide feedback to the WAN Transport and NRE Teams. It is critical that any NRE demos that cannot be accommodated by this proposal are identified as soon as possible, so that the transport team can work with contributors to provide appropriate infrastructure for SC21.

Network Map

Make Your Request

In order to streamline your request for transport connectivity, please complete the SC21 Wide Area Network Resource Request. Requests for transport connectivity received after May 31 will be handled on a best-effort basis.

Please provide feedback on the SCinet WAN proposal by May 31 to:

Dawn Thurnau, SC21 SCinet Communications Liaison

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