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The Computing Cambrian Explosion: The Future of HPC with Non-Von Neumann Computing
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TimeThursday, 18 November 20211:30pm - 3pm CST
DescriptionWith the looming end of Moore’s law and the end of Dennard scaling, the future of computing in general and HPC in particular will look very different from the past. In addition to novel materials, devices and packaging, the future of HPC is likely to include a variety of novel, non-von Neumann architectures, including neuromorphic, quantum, reversible, temporal, probabilistic and so on. There is not likely to be one non-von Neumann technology that reigns supreme in the future HPC landscape, but there are a great many challenges associated with realizing a future HPC system that incorporates even one of these new types of computing platforms. With this panel, we have assembled a group of experts across a variety of non-von Neumann computing technologies that will debate the merits of each of their approaches and discuss the research challenges associated with incorporating these technologies into the future computing landscape.
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