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Yin and Yang: Balancing Cloud Computing and HTC Workloads
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ACM Student Research Competition: Graduate Poster
ACM Student Research Competition: Undergraduate Poster
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TimeThursday, 18 November 20218:30am - 5pm CST
LocationSecond Floor Atrium
DescriptionWith the help of proper preemption policies and proactive resource schedulers, combining academic cloud and High Throughput Computing(HTC) systems through preemptible instances would help increase the utilization rate of the clouds and reduce the energy cost at the same time. We propose a data-driven simulator CHISim, then with which we evaluate a comprehensive set of resource scheduling strategies (4 preemption policies × 3 cloud user requests forecasting models). By exploring these strategies, this paper seeks to answer the following question: (1) Can we fill cloud resources lease gaps by deploying HTC jobs? (2) What is the most efficient strategy to do this? (3) How can we minimize the cost of doing this by adopting strategies that reduce HTC reruns?
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