ESPM2 2021: Sixth International Workshop on Extreme Scale Programming Models and Middleware
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20219am - 5:30pm CST
DescriptionNext-generation architectures and systems being deployed are characterized by high concurrency, low memory per-core, and multiple levels of hierarchy/heterogeneity. These bring out new challenges in energy efficiency, fault-tolerance and scalability. It is commonly believed that next-generation programming models and their associated middleware/runtimes are best suited to address these challenges. This workshop focuses on different aspects of programming models such as task-based parallelism (Legion,/Habenero/Charm++/OCR/X10/HPX), PGAS (OpenSHMEM/UPC/CAF/Chapel/UPC++), BigData/Data Science (Spark/Dask), Deep Learning (PyTorch/MxNET/TensorFlow), directive-based languages (OpenMP/OpenACC) and hybrid MPI+X, etc. It also focuses on their associated middleware (unified runtimes, interoperability for hybrid programming, tight integration of MPI+X, and support for accelerators and FPGAs) for next-generation systems and architectures. The ultimate objective of the ESPM2 workshop is to serve as a forum that brings together researchers from academia and industry working in the areas of programming models, runtime systems, compilation and languages and application developers.
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