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Understanding Effectiveness of Multi-Error-Bounded Lossy Compression for Preserving Ranges of Interest in Scientific Analysis
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TimeSunday, 14 November 20214:30pm - 5pm CST
DescriptionMultiple lossy compression frameworks have been proposed to address the vast volumes of data being produced by scientific simulations. Setting different precisions to different ranges of data based on researchers' interests appears to be a promising approach to further improve the compression ratios of many scientific datasets. However, previous researches have not clearly demonstrated how to apply different precisions to different ranges of data and not many real-world datasets are evaluated to show the effectiveness of this idea. In this work, we investigate a specific compression method that can set multiple error bounds based on the SZ framework. We carefully assess its effectiveness using real-world datasets which have concrete demands on multiple precisions. The experimental results show that the multi-error-bounded lossy compression can achieve a 15% improvement in compression ratio, with negligible overhead in compression time.
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