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Scalable Programming Workflows for Validation of Quantum Computers
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Quantum Computing
Software Engineering
System Software and Runtime Systems
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20214pm - 4:30pm CST
DescriptionHybrid quantum-classical workflows have become standard methods for executing variational algorithms and other quantum simulation techniques, which are key applications for noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) computers. Validating these simulations is an important task which helps gauge the progress of quantum computer development, and classical simulation can serve as a tool to this end. Both exact and more scalable approximate methods with quantifiable error bounds can be used in validation tasks where the applicable metrics include the distance from a calculable ground truth, the quality of an error model fit to data, etc. Here we present a library extension that includes methods for validation of quantum simulations based on scalable hybrid workflows executable on high performance computers. We provide examples that use approximate methods based on tensor networks and stabilizer simulators to bound the error of quantum simulations on NISQ hardware. The extension leverages the hybrid workflows implemented in the QuaSiMo library. Notably, the validation methods can be used as backends in the XACC programming framework, so that hardware execution and model simulation can be interchanged and compared automatically, using the same algorithm code (written in C++ with QCOR extensions or Python). We provide a description and demonstration of selected workflow methods with cross-validation results for quantum approximate optimization (QAOA) problems and adiabatic state preparation (ASP) in the transverse Ising model.
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