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VisDict: Enhancing the Communication between Workflow Providers and User Communities via a Visual Dictionary
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Cloud and Distributed Computing
Scientific Computing
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TimeMonday, 15 November 202112:05pm - 12:15pm CST
DescriptionWorkflows have proved to be an excellent medium for representing scientific methods and for enhancing the efficiency and reproducibility of computational tasks. There is a strong need for close collaboration and intensive communication with domain scientists to successfully translate high-impact scientific methods into workflows. While there is a trend to make workflow editors and workflow dashboards as intuitive as possible, there is a lack of tools that support direct communication between scientists and workflow providers. The envisioned VisDict science gateway addresses this gap by providing a visual dictionary, translating terms, jargon, and concepts between research domains and workflow providers. The goal is to avoid misunderstandings, i.e. resulting from using the same word in different meanings such as the term ’experiment‘.
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