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FTXS 2021 : Featured Speaker - Dr. Catherine Schuman (Fault Tolerance and Resilience in Neuromorphic Systems)
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Extreme Scale Comptuing
Reliability and Resiliency
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TimeSunday, 14 November 20219:05am - 10am CST
DescriptionBrain-inspired neuromorphic computing systems are promising for the future of computing beyond the looming end of Moore's law. Though robustness and resilience are commonly quoted as features of neuromorphic computing systems, the expected performance of neuromorphic systems in the face of hardware failures is not clear. In this presentation, a brief introduction to neuromorphic hardware, software and algorithms will be given. The effect of failures on the performance of four different training algorithms for spiking neural networks on neuromorphic systems will be shown: two back-propagation-based training approaches (Whetstone and SLAYER), a liquid state machine or reservoir computing approach, and an evolutionary optimization-based approach (EONS). It will be shown that these four different approaches have very different resilience characteristics with respect to simulated hardware failures. Finally, an approach for training spiking neural networks for resilience properties on neuromorphic systems will be given, and it will be shown how this approach can improve the resiliency of neuromorphic systems to both minor and major hardware failures.
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