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DeltaFS: A Scalable No-Ground-Truth Filesystem For Massively-Parallel Computing
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Cloud and Distributed Computing
File Systems and I/O
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 202111:30am - 12pm CST
DescriptionHigh-Performance Computing (HPC) is known for its use of massive concurrency. But it can be challenging for a parallel filesystem's control plane to utilize cores when every client process must globally synchronize and serialize its metadata mutations with those of other clients. We present DeltaFS, a new paradigm for distributed filesystem metadata.

DeltaFS allows jobs to self-commit their namespace changes to logs, avoiding the cost of global synchronization. Followup jobs selectively merge logs produced by previous jobs as needed, a principle we term No Ground Truth which allows for efficient data sharing. By avoiding unnecessary synchronization of metadata operations, DeltaFS improves metadata operation throughput up to 98x leveraging parallelism on the nodes where job processes run. This speedup grows as job size increases. DeltaFS enables efficient inter-job communication, reducing overall workflow runtime by significantly improving client metadata operation latency up to 49x and resource usage up to 52x.
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