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Paths to OpenMP in the Kernel
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System Software and Runtime Systems
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 20214pm - 4:30pm CST
DescriptionOpenMP implementations make increasing demands on the kernel. We take the next step and consider bringing OpenMP into the kernel. Our vision is that the entire OpenMP application, run-time system, and a kernel framework are interwoven to become the kernel, allowing the OpenMP implementation to take full advantage of the hardware in a custom manner. We compare and contrast three approaches to achieving this goal. The first, run-time in kernel (RTK), ports the OpenMP runtime to the kernel, allowing any kernel code to use OpenMP pragmas. The second, process in kernel (PIK), adds a specialized process abstraction for running user-level OpenMP code within the kernel. The third, custom compilation for kernel (CCK), compiles OpenMP into a form that leverages the kernel framework without any intermediaries. We describe the design and implementation of these approaches, and evaluate them using NAS and other benchmarks.
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