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Team Weiming
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Student Cluster Competition
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 202110am - 6pm CST
LocationBooth 133
DescriptionThe Peking University Supercomputing Team, established in 2015, has gathered many students enthusiastic with HPC. Our team has profound expertise in HPC competitions and participated in the Student Cluster Competition at SC in 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2020. We also join IBM OpenCAPI 2018 and ASC Student Supercomputing Challenge in 2019 and 2021.

Our team is composed of members from many different disciplines. Members from the school of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), the school of Physics and the Yuanpei College who are passionate about supercomputing and scientific computing collaborate together to solve different problems.

All of our members stand out in a way. Yueyang Pan, the leader of the team, has expertise in cluster building and management. Li’ang Huang, from the school of Physics, shows great interest in quantum physics and is engaged in the design of general quantum computers. Zhanpeng Liu is a Yuanpei College student. He has a deep understanding in traditional cultures and could explain computer systems using cultural stories. Zhewen Hao is a senior student passionate about parallel algorithms and Junyi Guo is now working on building the PKU mirror site which will provide public services soon. Jiaqi Si is a freshman proficient in algorithms and math. Half of the team members experienced the VSCC 20 or ASC20-21. The great diversity of our team allows us to share knowledge in different fields and enables us to tackle problems from different angles.
Our Advisor, Senior Engineer Chun Fan, from the PKU Computing Center, gives us much help. He is well acquainted with many collaborating professors from the natural science department. He also has connections with companies which generously provide resources for our training.

#The help of HPC in students’ academic careers

Combining HPC and AI is now the cutting-edge technology in natural science. HPC provides enough computational capability for newly proposed AI methods which solves problems of much larger scale. As HPC is becoming more vital, we believe the experience in SCC will benefit our academic careers. Team members learn how to do performance profiling of an application and different methods to optimize hotspots. Also members are encouraged to dig out more in the related areas like network and storage and share these insights with each other.

During the training process, we often invite professors to give us lectures which enriches our domain-specific knowledge. We also build a wide connection with the industry like Alibaba and Nvidia which some of our previous members are now working for. Some others will further carry out HPC research in world-famous universities like ETH.

Apart from academic benefits for the team members, SCC experience also brought achievements. In 2017, our proposed cluster got featured on the SCC List of TOP 500 Supercomputers. Our team has been invited to submit our reproducibility reports to PARCO and TPDS for every participation. In VSCC 20, we won second place in the final. These achievements will undoubtedly benefit students' future careers greatly.
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