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Student Cluster Competition
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 202110am - 6pm CST
LocationBooth 133
DescriptionThe GeekPie_HPC team is united with a broad background and different STEM minds that aim to discover and resolve challenging engineering works. The philosophy of problem-solving is highly related to HPC applications and DevOps. We are equipped with free will and a solid ability to explore the technology world.

As for the diversity of research interest, Yiwei, the captain of two terms, currently works on Persistent Memory systems and is also interested in Programming Language Design. Thanks to 1 year of HPC practices, he interned at Jump Trading, Shanghai, for the summer of 2020, focusing on hacks of Linux and Intel processors. Prior to that, he researched System and Software Security Lab at ShanghaiTech on Adversarial Machine Learning and Symbolic Solver of Libra. The first one has been published on ISSTA21.

Siyuan is the only Sophomore and devoted to computer vision a lot. He is from Multi-disciplinary AI VR/AR Studio(MARS), a lab attempting to use multi-media like VRs to implement more lively graphics on stage.

Chuyi is a Computer Graphics and Computer Vision enthusiast. She has conducted many small projects in these fields.

Yuhao and Yuchen are from the Laboratory of I/O system and data science(LION). Our advisor, Prof. Shu Yin, is also the advisor of this lab. His recent research projects focus on application-driven active storage systems design and optimization, including novel storage middleware for bio-computing data representation, such as visual molecular dynamics (VMD) tool I/O optimization and robotic operating system(ROS) data management. He has been on the program committees of various international conferences, including IEEE ICPP, IEEE ICDCS, IEEE HPCC, IEEE Cluster and IEEE IPCCC.

Haotian is a geek from the GeekPie_Web team. He is the daily DevOps of our association's website. Our confluence page and GitLab are under the maintenance of him, during which he learned k8s and rancher. He is currently working on the reverse engineer of a Japanese Unity game and, by the way, contributes to its community.

Our previous teammates definitely benefit from the SC competition, which we are grateful to the committee. We meet the software and hardware nerd of our age and would share our experience and provide internship opportunities. They pursue their studies both in prestigious schools and world-famous companies because of the experience and connections made in SC and their further efforts in their fields. Specifically, Jia Du went to Carnegie Mellon University to study computer vision, her study interest in Shanghaitech. Yanjie Song landed his research career in Prof. Shu Yin's team, focusing on the application of Non-volatile random-access memory in the general memory hierarchy. Jianwen Luo interned at Xilinx and would join Prof. Yajun's lab in our school, targetting FPGA acceleration in traditional computational models. Yuzhuo Jing will start his Ph.D. degree at John Hopkins University, focusing on the I/O system.
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