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SUSTech Supercomputing Team
Primary Advisor
Event Type
Student Cluster Competition
Career Development
Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
Education and Training and Outreach
HPC Training and Education
System Administration
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20217pm - 9pm CST
LocationBooth 133
Description- We are from the SUSTech Supercomputing Team (SST). The team is composed of SUSTech undergraduates who take great interest in computational science and engineering. SST serves for large HPC user community in SUSTech and practice HPC skills in real scene.

- Team Captain, Tongzhou Gu
- Year 3 Student
- Participant of SC20 SCC, ASC20-21, 2020 APAC HPC-AI Competition
- Captain of ASC19
- Student Assistant of Georgios Laboratory, assisting teaching course Distributed and Cloud Computing
- Student Assistant of Center for Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE)
- Working on Characterizing Distributed Machine Learning System on Graph

- Yiqi Zhang
- Year 3 Student
- Captain of SC20 SCC, ASC20-21
- Participant of 2020 HPC-AI Competition
- Student Assistant of CCSE

- Wenxuan Shi
- Year 3 Student
- Participant of ASC19, ICPC Contest, Mathematical Contest
- Captain of SUSTech CTF Team
- Student Assistant of COMputer And Systems Security Lab, assisting teaching course Introduction to Computer Programming
- Working on making use of ARM hardware features to implement security tools

- Botian XU
- Year 3 Student
- Participant of ASC19
- Student Assistant of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, assisting teaching courses Introduction to Programming and Computer Networking
- Working on the research of Deep Learning for Fluid Modeling

- And we have two talented freshmen this year, and they are

- Bingzhen Wang
- Year 1 Student
- Maintainer of SUSTech Open Source Mirrors
- Participant of NOIP Contest
- Try to implement a software Ray-Tracing Render using Rust

- Yingwei Zheng
- Year 1 Student
- Participant of NOIP Contest
- Try to implement a rendering framework using NVIDIA MDL, NVRTC, JIT Linker, NVIDIA
OptiX and modern C++

- As for our advisor
- Dr. Fan is the chief engineer (Senior Engineer) of the SUSTech CCSE. He has published more than twenty papers in high-level academic journals with hundreds of citations. His research proposal was supported by the Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China and participated in several other programs of National Natural Science Funds.

- The SUSTech Supercomputing Team has a lot of non-computer students, including Yiqi Zhang from the Department of Biology, ASC19 captain and team members from the Department of Oceanography and the Department of Mechanics, and CCSE Director Lianping Wang is a chair professor of the Department of Mechanics and Astronautics. Our Team has experience in interdisciplinary cooperation. These experiences will help us to cooperate with experts in other disciplines to find new breakthrough points in performance.

- The reason why we can create a team with a broad background of experience relevant to the competition is because we focus on training new teammates. We encourage new teammates to participate in the competition to exercise their abilities. At the same time, we hope that new players can enjoy the competition and experience the charm of the competition.

- Using HPC will improve students' ability to maintain computers and develop and debug programs, and at the same time strengthen students' understanding of computer architecture. The purpose of our participation in the SC competition includes, but is not limited to, training students' abilities, making new friends, participating in top conferences, and understanding cutting-edge trends.
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