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Team Phoenix
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Student Cluster Competition
Career Development
Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
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HPC Training and Education
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 202110am - 6pm CST
LocationBooth 133
DescriptionGeorgia Tech is a melting pot for the world’s most creative and curious minds. Our campus facilitates strong relationships, and from those relationships we build amazing things that shape our world. Our team is one such relationship.

The members of Team Phoenix are Albert Chen, Aman Jain, Nicole Prindle, Marissa Sorkin, Sean Fish, and Evan Montoya. We were brought together by our shared interest in high-performance computing, and we hope that this competition furthers our experience in HPC and our involvement in the HPC community.

We have a strong and diverse team with members and advisors with varied experience across academics, research, and industry. Collectively we study 7 of the 8 concentrations in CS offered by Georgia Tech’s College of Computing. Our members do research with Georgia Tech faculty in fields such as video analytics and compilers. Many of us also have industry internship experience for companies including the Georgia Tech Research Institute, State Farm, and Google.

Nicole and Aman are both TAs in the College of Computing for courses on computer organization. Nicole’s passion for compilers and computing theory drew her to this competition. Sean, Aman, and Albert all enjoy building computers and working with server hardware, which inspired them to participate in this competition. Albert is interested in the multidisciplinary application of HPC in fields such as simulations and AI. He has taken an undergraduate introduction to HPC class which has provided him with a more informed perspective on how HPC applications work. Marissa’s software engineering experiences on data visualization projects, testing big data applications, and an internship at Intel all drive her interest in HPC.

The newest additions to the competition team are Evan and Sean. Sean, although new to the team, has been a part of the Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) HPC undergraduate research class, a class designed specifically to train SCC teams, for over a year and has seen the team prepare for VSCC20. Evan is a freshman who joined the team this past semester, and he is primarily interested in the intersection between HPC, big data, and AI.

Four of our team members participated in SCC 20 last year, and that team placed third overall. Having returning members as well as having learned lessons from last year’s competition makes us especially strong contenders this year.

Our advisor is Vijay Thakkar, a graduate student at Georgia Tech and a finalist for the Gordon Bell prize in 2020. He is currently interning at NVIDIA and did a past internship at Cerebras Systems. This is his second time advising Team Phoenix.

Our team’s background and experience demonstrate both our skills and our ability to work as teammates. By competing at SCC, we hope to design a powerful computer system, optimize software to push the limits of our system, and learn about applying core HPC concepts to our own projects and careers.
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