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Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Fast Computation of Transitive Closure on Shared Memory Architectures
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Big Data
Cloud and Distributed Computing
Extreme Scale Comptuing
Heterogeneous Systems
Parallel Programming Languages and Models
Parallel Programming Systems
Quantum Computing
Scientific Computing
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TimeMonday, 15 November 202110:30am - 11am CST
DescriptionWe present a scalable algorithm that computes the transitive closure of a graph on shared memory architectures using the OpenMP API in C++. Two different parallelization strategies have been presented and the performance of the two algorithms has been compared for several data-sets of varying sizes. We demonstrate the scalability of the best parallel implementation up to 176 threads on a shared memory architecture, by producing a graph with more than 3.82 trillion edges. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first implementation that has computed the transitive closure of such a large graph on a shared memory system. Optimization strategies for better cache utilization for large data-sets have been discussed. The important issue of load balancing has been analyzed and its mitigation using the optimal OpenMP scheduling clause has been discussed in details.
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