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Lightning Talk: Performance Profile Estimation for Emulated Multi-Site Federations
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Big Data
Cloud and Distributed Computing
Data Analytics
Data Management
Quantum Computing
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20214:10pm - 4:25pm CST
DescriptionEmulations that replicate the software environments of multi-site federations of computing systems and instruments have been developed to reduce the cost and disruptions to physical, production infrastructures. These emulation environments have been effectively used to develop and test software modules for various tasks including container orchestration and instrument access. For performance assessment, however, the emulated frameworks are severely limited in providing accurate network and IO measurements at 10 Gbps and higher data rates. The data transfer performance profiles estimated using these measurements are usually inaccurate for high bandwidth and high latency connections, since they do not accurately reflect the critical network transport dynamics. We utilize measurements from a physical testbed with hardware network emulators to obtain throughput profiles for emulated federations that closely match the expected profiles. Using a four-site federation scenario emulation, we show the effectiveness of this approach in providing accurate concave throughput profiles from an inaccurate convex one indicated by Mininet emulation.
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