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User-Centric System Fault Identification Using IO500 Benchmark
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Data Analytics
Data Management
File Systems and I/O
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20213:55pm - 4:20pm CST
DescriptionI/O performance in a multi-user environment is difficult to predict. Users do not know what to expect when running and tuning their application for better I/O performance. We propose to use the IO500 benchmark as a way to guide user expectations on their application's I/O performance and identifying root causes of their I/O problems that might come from the system. Our experiments cover the first step where we manage user expectation with IO500 and provide a mechanism for system fault identification. This work also provides us with information of the tail latency problem that needs to be addressed and granular information about the impact of I/O technique choices (POSIX and MPI-IO).
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