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Case Study of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Risk Assessment in Indoor Environments Using Cloud Computing Resources
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Cloud and Distributed Computing
Interactive HPC
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TimeFriday, 19 November 20219:15am - 9:35am CST
DescriptionComplex flow simulations are conventionally performed on HPC clusters. However, the limited availability of HPC resources has drawn attention towards deploying flow simulation software on the cloud. We showcase how a complex computational framework, that can evaluate COVID-19 transmission risk in various indoor classroom scenarios can be abstracted and deployed on cloud services. The availability of such cloud-based personalized planning tools can enable educational institutions, medical institutions, the public sector, and other entities to comprehensively evaluate various in-person interaction scenarios for transmission risk. We deploy the simulation framework on the Azure cloud framework, utilizing the Dendro-kT mesh generation tool and PETSC solvers. The cloud abstraction is provided by RocketML cloud infrastructure. We compare the performance of the cloud machines with state-of-the-art HPC machine Frontera. Our results suggest that cloud-based HPC resources are a viable strategy for a diverse array of end-users to rapidly and efficiently deploy complex simulation software.
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