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MANA-2.0: A Future-Proof Design for Transparent Checkpointing of MPI at Scale
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Parallel Programming Languages and Models
Reliability and Resiliency
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TimeMonday, 15 November 202112pm - 12:30pm CST
DescriptionMANA-2.0 is a scalable, future-proof design for transparent checkpointing of MPI-based computations. Its network transparency ("network-agnostic'') feature ensures that MANA-2.0 will provide a viable, efficient mechanism for transparently checkpointing MPI applications on current and future supercomputers. MANA-2.0 is an enhancement of previous work, the original MANA, which interposes MPI calls, and is a work in progress intended for production deployment. MANA-2.0 implements a series of new algorithms and features that improve MANA’s scalability and reliability, enabling transparent checkpoint-restart over thousands of MPI processes. MANA-2.0 is being tested on today's Cori supercomputer at NERSC using Cray MPICH library over the Cray GNI network, but it is designed to work over any standard MPI running over an arbitrary network.

Two widely-used HPC applications were selected to demonstrate the enhanced features of MANA-2.0: GROMACS, a molecular dynamics simulation code with frequent point-to-point communication, and VASP, a materials science code with frequent MPI collective communication. Perhaps the most important lesson to be learned from MANA-2.0 is a series of algorithms and data structures for library-based transformations that enable MPI-based computations over MANA-2.0 to reliably survive the checkpoint-restart transition.
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