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Anthony Kougkas is a Research Assistant Professor and the Director of I/O Research in the Scalable Computing Software Laboratory at Illinois Institute of Technology. He earned his PhD from the Computer Science Department of Illinois Institute of Technology, advised by Dr. Xian-He Sun, and his dissertation is titled Accelerating I/O using Data Labels: A Contention-Aware, Multi-Tiered, Scalable, and Distributed I/O Platform. He holds a B.Sc. in Military Science and a M.Sc in Computer Science, both received in Athens, Greece. His research is focused in Parallel and Distributed systems, Parallel I/O optimizations, HPC systems, and Key-Value Store solutions. He works closely with Argonne, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia National Laboratories. Previous to his PhD, Anthony was a military officer serving in several positions in the Army and has extensive experience as an intelligence officer, operations and security, public relations, and personnel development and training.
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