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David Keyes is Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science and the Director of the Extreme Computing Research Center, having served as the Dean of the Division of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering at KAUST. He's Adjunct Professor and former Fu Foundation Chair Professor in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University, and affiliate of laboratories of the U.S. Department of Energy, Keyes graduated in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton in 1978 and earned a doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Harvard in 1984. Before joining KAUST among the founding faculty, he led scalable solver projects in the ASCI and SciDAC programs of the U.S. DOE. Keyes works at algorithmic interface between parallel computing and numerical analysis of partial differential equations, including implicit scalable solvers for emerging architectures and their use in the many large-scale applications in energy and environment governed by conservation laws that demand high performance.
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