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Peter M. Kogge is the McCourtney Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, a retired IBM Fellow, and a founder of Emu Solutions, Inc, a startup that produces computers with a novel architecture that matches many large problems with sparse and irregular memory access characteristics. In the past he has been acting Chair of the CSE Dept. and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering at Notre Dame. His research interests are in massively parallel computing paradigms and the interaction of non-traditional technology with computing. He holds over 40 patents and is author of several books, one of which is entitled “The Zen of Exotic Computing,” and which is in review before publishing. In 2008, he led DARPA’s Exascale technology study group, which resulted in a widely referenced report on how the then next 10 years of technology growth would affect exascale computing. Dr. Kogge has received the Daniel Slotnick best paper award (1994), the IEEE/ACM Seymour Cray award (2012), the IEEE Charles Babbage award (2014), the IEEE Computer Pioneer award (2015), and the Gauss best paper award (2015).
Big Data
Data Analytics
Memory Systems
Numerical Algorithms
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