Dr Thierry Goubier is a senior expert at CEA, technical lead of the heterogeneous high performance embedded computing thematic in the LCE laboratory. He has extensive experience in high performance real-time applications, and was awarded the best paper based on modelling the computation of real-time applications on embedded many cores. Thierry is the lead of the Earthquake and Tsunami pilot in the LEXIS project, where the above model will be used with Tsunami simulations and earthquake damage estimates to upgrade the InaTEWS tsunami early warning system. He is a telecommunication engineer with a PhD in graphical user interface software architectures and has been involved (including as a WP leader) in numerous activities and European projects, starting in 1998, and more recently the Kalray MPPA technology transfer from CEA, the COBRA, MACH, M2DC, PROBANT, EMC2, PRODUCTIVE 4.0, and the upcoming European Processor Initiative, and LEXIS projects. He is involved in the Software Engineering group of the ETP4HPC organization, and in the Eurolab4HPC CSA.
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