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Simone Campanoni
Simone Campanoni is a tenure-track assistant professor at the Computer Science department of Northwestern University. Simone and his research group are passionate about understanding how abstractions used within and around compilers should evolve to better support hardware and applications trends.

Hardware constantly evolves to smooth out challenges coming from the materials used. For example, the slowdown of CMOS technology scaling and the increase in power consumption forced hardware to first evolve to multicore chips and then to heterogeneous multi-cores. Abstractions at the compiler boundaries with programming languages, operating systems, and computer architecture need to evolve to properly support these new platforms. Moreover, abstractions used within compilers also need to evolve to better optimize applications that need to run on such platforms. This goal often leads Simone and his group to co-design compilers with the computer architecture and operating system they target as well as with the programming language they translate.
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