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Erik Riedel
Erik Riedel, Senior Vice President of Engineering, ITRenew. Erik is a well-known storage systems researcher who led research at Seagate for many years and built exabytes of large-scale clustered storage appliances for EMC that are deployed in 1000s of locations worldwide. ITRenew has been working for nearly two decades with the largest hyperscalers and enterprises to maximize the lifetime value of data center technology through circular economic models for data centers and for edge computing. Their recent addition of the Sesame product line of rack-scale compute and storage provides highly dense and efficient computing using the circular model to achieve both cost and carbon footprint savings. ITRenew is also an active member of the Open Compute Project (OCP) which brings together hyperscale ecosystem users and vendors to collaboratively improve and optimize designs for high intensity computing. Their approach challenges customers to “Expect More From Your IT Hardware.”
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