SC21 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

TriPoll: Computing Surveys of Triangles in Massive-Scale Temporal Graphs with Metadata

Authors: Trevor Steil, Tahsin Reza, Keita Iwabuchi, Benjamin W. Priest, Geoffrey Sanders, and Roger Pearce (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Abstract: Understanding the higher-order interactions within network data is a key objective of network science. Surveys of metadata triangles (or patterned 3-cycles in metadata-enriched graphs) are often of interest in this pursuit. In this work, we develop TriPoll, a prototype distributed HPC system capable of surveying triangles in massive graphs containing metadata on their edges and vertices. We contrast our approach with much of the prior effort on triangle analysis, which often focuses on simple triangle counting, usually in simple graphs with no metadata. We assess the scalability of TriPoll when surveying triangles involving metadata on real and synthetic graphs with up to hundreds of billions of edges.We utilize communication-reducing optimizations to demonstrate a triangle counting task on a 224 billion edge web graph in approximately half of the time of competing approaches, while additionally supporting metadata-aware capabilities.

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