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  1. Accelerating Parallel Monte Carlo Simulations for Statistical Physics: Portability on Many-Core Processors. Naw Safrin Sattar (University of New Orleans), Ying-Wai Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  2. Accelerating the Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Simulations with Non-Evolving Meshes. Alejandro Ribes (EDF Research and Development), Anthony Geay (EDF Research and Development), Mathieu Westphal (Kitware Inc)

  3. Accurate Throughput Prediction of Basic Blocks on Recent Intel Microarchitectures. Andreas Abel (Saarland University), Jan Reineke (Saarland University)

  4. Analyzing Complex Memory Systems. Neil Butcher (University of Notre Dame)

  5. Breadth-First Search on Xilinx Versal. Guilherme Prado Alves (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Marco Minutoli (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Mehmet Belviranli (Colorado School of Mines), Antonino Tumeo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL))

  6. Capturing Relationships Based on Structure Similarity for Self-Describing Scientific Data Formats. Chenxu Niu (Texas Tech University), Wei Zhang (Texas Tech University), Suren Byna (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Yong Chen (Texas Tech University)

  7. Chaining Multiple Tools and Libraries Using Gotcha. Yiheng Xu (University of Maryland), Kathryn Mohror (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Hariharan Devarajan (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Cameron Stanavige (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Abhinav Bhatele (University of Maryland)

  8. Code Generation and Optimization for Deep-Learning Computations on GPUs via Multi-Dimensional Homomorphisms. Richard Schulze (University of Muenster), Ari Rasch (University of Muenster), Sergei Gorlatch (University of Muenster)

  9. Core-Idling on MPI Intra-Node Communication Channels for Energy Efficiency. Keon-Woo Kim (Konkuk University, South Korea), Hyun-Wook Jin (Konkuk University, South Korea), Eun-Kyu Byun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI))

  10. Detecting and Identifying Applications by Job Signatures. Jie Li (Texas Tech University), Brandon Cook (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Yong Chen (Texas Tech University)

  11. Detecting Network Intrusion Anomalies through Egonet-Based Data Mining with Apache Spark. Nathan Paik (Pomona College), Se Ho Kwak (Pomona College), Enyue Lu (Salisbury University)

  12. Enabling Combustion Science Simulations for Future Exascale Machines. Jon S. Rood (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Marc T. Henry de Frahan (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Marc S. Day (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Hariswaran Sitaraman (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Shashank Yellapantula (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Bruce A. Perry (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Ray Grout (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), Ann Almgren (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Weiqun Zhang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Jackie H. Chen (Sandia National Laboratories)

  13. Fargraph: Optimizing Graph Workload on RDMA-Based Far Memory Architecture. Jing Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Chao Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Taolei Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Lu Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Pengyu Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Junyi Mei (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Minyi Guo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

  14. A Fast Parameter-Free Preconditioner for Structured Grid Problems. pawan kumar (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad), abhinav aggarwal (Google LLC), Shivam Kakkar (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT))

  15. Feature Reduction of Darshan Counters Using Evolutionary Algorithms. Neeraj Rajesh (Illinois Institute of Technology), Quincey Koziol (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Suren Byna (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Houjun Tang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Jean Luca Bez (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Anthony Kougkas (Illinois Institute of Technology), Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  16. Flexible GMRES with Analog Accelerators. Anshul Gupta (IBM Research), Vasileios Kalantzis (IBM Research), Mark S. Squillante (IBM Research), Chai Wah Wu (IBM Research), Haim Avron (Tel Aviv University), Shashanka Ubaru (IBM Research), Tayfun Gokmen (IBM Research), Malte Rasch (IBM Research), Tomasz Nowicki (IBM Research), Lior Horesh (IBM Research)

  17. FPGA-Accelerated Ripples. Reece Neff (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Marco Minutoli (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Antonino Tumeo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Michela Becchi (North Carolina State University)

  18. Fusion Research Using Azure A100 HPC instances. Igor Sfiligoi (San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)), Jeff Candy (General Atomics), Devarajan Subramanian (Drizti Inc, Toronto)

  19. GASNet-EX Memory Kinds: Support for Device Memory in PGAS Programming Models. Paul H. Hargrove (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Dan Bonachea (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Colin A. MacLean (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Daniel Waters (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL))

  20. Handling C++ Exceptions in MPI Applications. Jiri Jaros (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)

  21. Hardware Acceleration of Complex Machine Learning Models through Modern High-Level Synthesis. Serena Curzel (Polytechnic University of Milan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Antonino Tumeo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Fabrizio Ferrandi (Polytechnic University of Milan)

  22. Hashed-Coordinate Storage of Sparse Tensors. Robert Lowe (Southeast Missouri State University), MeiLi Charles (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Amritpreet Singh (Southeast Missouri State University)

  23. HDF5 VOL Connector to Apache Arrow. Jie Ye (Illinois Institute of Technology), Anthony Kougkas (Illinois Institute of Technology), Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  24. Heterogeneous Computing for Undergraduates: A Module-Driven Approach. Apan Qasem (Texas State University), David Bunde (Knox College), Philip Schielke (Concordia University Texas)

  25. HyperQueue: Overcoming Limitations of HPC Job Managers. Stanislav Böhm (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Jakub Beránek (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Vojtěch Cima (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Roman Macháček (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Vyomkesh Jha (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Alfréd Kočí (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Branislav Jansík (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic), Jan Martinovič (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic)

  26. An Interactive GPU Metric Dashboard for HPC clusters. Wentao Shi (Louisiana State University), Brandon Cook (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Arghya Chatterjee (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)), Johannes Blaschke (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL))

  27. Learning-Based Content Delivery in 5G-Enabled Multi-Access Edge Computing. Erfan Farhangi Maleki (University of Delaware), Weibin Ma (University of Delaware), Lena Mashayekhy (University of Delaware), Humberto La Roche (Cisco Systems)

  28. Monitoring Urban Changes with Ensemble of Neural Networks and Deep-Temporal Remote Sensing Data. Georg Zitzlsberger (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic; VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic), Michal Podhoranyi (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic; VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic), Václav Svatoň (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic; VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic), Milan Lazecký (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic; University of Leeds), Jan Martinovič (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic; VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)

  29. Multiple Same Level and Telescoping Nesting in GFDL’s FV3. Joseph Mouallem (Princeton University, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA)), Rusty Benson (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA)), Lucas Harris (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA))

  30. Open-Source High-Performance Computing for Applications in Engineering: DEM, SPH and Multi-Agent Vehicle Simulations with Project Chrono. Ruochun Zhang (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Wei Hu (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Simone Benatti (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Luning Fang (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Jason Zhou (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Lijing Yang (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Asher Elmquist (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Jay Taves (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Aaron Young (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Colin Heuvel (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Radu Serban (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Dan Negrut (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

  31. Optimizing and Extending the Functionality of EXARL for Scalable Reinforcement Learning. Sai Chenna (Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Florida), Katherine Cosburn (Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of New Mexico), Uchenna Ezeobi (Los Alamos National Laboratory; University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Maxim Moraru (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Hyun Lim (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Julien Loiseau (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Jamal Mohd-Yusof (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Robert Pavel (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Vinay Ramakrishnaiah (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Andrew Reisner (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Karen Tsai (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  32. Padding to Extend the Bruck Algorithm for Non-Uniform All-to-All Communication. Ke Fan (University of Alabama, Birmingham), Thomas Gilray (University of Alabama, Birmingham), Sidharth Kumar (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

  33. Parallel Framework for Updating Large-Scale Dynamic Networks. Sudharshan Srinivasan (University of Oregon), Aashish Pandey (University of North Texas), Arindam Khanda (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Sriram Srinivasan (Virginia Commonwealth University), Sajal Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

  34. Parallel GRB Source Localization Pipelines for the Advanced Particle-Astrophysics Telescope. Marion Sudvarg (Washington University in St. Louis), Jacob Wheelock (Washington University in St. Louis), Jeremy Buhler (Washington University in St. Louis), James Buckley (Washington University in St. Louis), Wenlei Chen (University of Minnesota)

  35. Performance Analysis of Containerized OrangeFS in HPC Environment. Izzet Yildirim (Illinois Institute of Technology), Meng Tang (Illinois Institute of Technology), Anthony Kougkas (Illinois Institute of Technology), Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  36. RIKEN CGRA: Data-Driven Architecture as an Extension of Multicore CPU for Future HPC. Boma Adhi (RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)), Takuya Kojima (Keio University, Tokyo), Yiyu Tan (RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)), Artur Podobas (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), Kentaro Sano (RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS))

  37. Similarity Measurement for Proxy Application Fidelity. Si Chen (Emory University), Omar Aaziz (Sandia National Laboratories), Jeanine Cook (Sandia National Laboratories), Avani Wildani (Emory University)

  38. SODA-OPT: System-Level Design in MLIR for HLS. Nicolas Bohm Agostini (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Northeastern University), David Kaeli (Northeastern University), Antonino Tumeo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL))

  39. Support in OpenMP for Multi-GPU Parallelism. Raul Torres (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)), Vivek Kale (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Abid Malik (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Tom Scogland (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Roger Ferrer (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)), Barbara Chapman (Stony Brook University)

  40. Towards a Scalable and Distributed High-Performance SHAD C++ library. Nanmiao Wu (Louisiana State University), Vito Giovanni Castellana (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)), Hartmut Kaiser (Louisiana State University)

  41. Towards an Efficient Parallel Skeleton for Generic Iterative Stencil Computations in Distributed GPUs. Manuel de Castro (University of Valladolid, Spain), Inmaculada Santamaria-Valenzuela (University of Valladolid, Spain), Sergio Miguel-López (University of Valladolid, Spain), Yuri Torres (University of Valladolid, Spain), Arturo Gonzalez-Escribano (University of Valladolid, Spain)

  42. Towards Optimal Graph Coloring Using Rydberg Atoms. Giacomo Vitali (Advanced Computing and Applications LINKS Foundation), Paolo Viviani (Advanced Computing and Applications LINKS Foundation), Chiara Vercellino (Advanced Computing and Applications LINKS Foundation), Andrea Scarabosio (Advanced Computing and Applications LINKS Foundation), Alberto Scionti (Advanced Computing and Applications LINKS Foundation), Olivier Terzo (Advanced Computing and Applications LINKS Foundation), Edoardo Giusto (Polytechnic University of Turin), Bartolomeo Montrucchio (Polytechnic University of Turin)

  43. Utilizing Persistent Memory in Parallel I/O Libraries. Luke Logan (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jay Lofstead (Sandia National Laboratories), Scott Levy (Sandia National Laboratories), Patrick Widener (Sandia National Laboratories), Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology), Anthony Kougkas (Illinois Institute of Technology)

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