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Remote Participation

At SC, we’re eager to reach out to the next generation of high performance computing (HPC) professionals! We’ve gathered resources to help students understand the possibilities in the field of HPC, and also to help teachers explain and explore HPC in their classrooms.

What Is HPC?

Curious about HPC and how it’s used? The video below showcases areas in which HPC touches and improves our daily lives.

Virtual Exhibit Hall Tour

Need a guide to discover the vast SC exhibit hall? Soon we’ll be posting a virtual tour, where you can see companies and organizations displaying the latest technologies, cutting-edge science, and services.

Virtual Datacenter Tour

What does a supercomputer look like? How does it differ from your computer? Take a guided virtual tour of a data center—a place where a supercomputer is housed—so you can see one up close. During the tour, we also explain how supercomputers are able to do calculations thousands of times faster than your personal computer.

Watch the tour and test your knowledge:

Try Our Kahoot!

You can also take a virtual 3D tour of the center. The J.J. Pickle Research Campus houses TACC’s largest supercomputing systems, including Stampede, as well as some of the fastest, most efficient, and sought-after high performance computing and data storage systems in the world!

Virtual 3D Tour

Careers in HPC

What does it mean to work in high performance computing? What do people with careers in HPC actually do every day? In this series of short video interviews we profile HPC professionals with various jobs, from software writers and researchers to those who teach others how to use supercomputers.

I/O Specialist

Elsa Gonsiorowski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

Research Engineering Scientist

Joshua Urrutia, TACC, USA

Education & Training Manager

Ann Backhaus, Pawsey Supercomputer Centre, Australia


Marlon Arce Acuña, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Applications Specialist

Pascal Elahi, Pawsey Supercomputer Centre, Australia

Research Scientist

Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Graduate Student

Jessica Dagostini, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Web & Mobile Applications Manager

Tracy Brown, TACC, USA

Data Visualization Scientist

Vetria Byrd, Purdue University, USA

Application Developer, HPC Education & Outreach

Weronika Filinger, EPCC, UK

Live Virtual Sessions

Running parallel with the SC conference, we’re hosting a series of live events with lesson ideas, classroom demos, and cool applications of high performance computing in time zones around the world! Come join us for ideas on how to integrate HPC concepts into your class.

Sessions will be live-streamed from the SC Conference Series YouTube channel. Since our speakers are from around the world and broadcasting from various time zones, should you miss the live-stream we’ll be archiving the sessions in the channel for you to watch whenever it’s convenient for you.

Live Virtual Sessions Calendar

Speakers & Topics

Bob Gotwals, USA

  • Jane Austin Meets Computational Science!
  • Tracking SARS-CoV-2 Using NextStrain

Shyno Susan John, Australia

  • Chemical Transport Modeling with HPC

Linda McIver, Australia

  • Solving Problems in Your Community Using Data Science

Georg Zitzisberger, Czechia

  • Deep Neural Networks for Remote Sensing Data

Fernando Hernandez, Canada

  • What Is Machine Learning?

Judy Cameron, USA

  • The DataJam Modular Curriculum
  • The DataJam

Robert Sinkovits, USA

  • Introducing Computing Into the Discrete Math Curriculum

Samar Aseeri, Saudi Arabia

  • HPC Education in Saudi Arabia and a Teaching Example
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