No Travel? No Problem.

Remote Participation

Students@SC webinars are tailored to help you understand how to participate in a variety of areas withing the Students@SC program. Stay tuned, many webinars are planned and will be added as information becomes available.

November Webinar

SCC: The Final Approach

November 9, 12 pm PT (8 pm UTC) and November 10, 5 pm PT (1 am UTC)

October Webinars

SCC/VSCC: Using Azure CycleCloud

October 27, 1 pm PT (8 pm UTC)

SCC: Arm Forge Demonstration

October 26, 11 am PT (6 pm UTC)

SCC: Introducing the Oracle Cloud

October 15, 12:30–1:30 pm PT

August Webinars

SCC: Reproducibility Challenge Tips and Q&A

August 26, 2 pm ET (6 pm UTC)

VSCC: Introduction to HPC on Azure

August 23, 12 pm PT (7 pm UTC)

July Webinars

SCC: Cardioid Deep Dive

July 26, 3 pm CT (8 pm UTC)

SCC: Quantum Espresso Deep Dive

SCC: Introduction to the Student Cluster Competition (SCC)

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