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Special Session for Network Engineers, Operators, and Researchers

The SC Conference Series is a test-bed for cutting-edge developments in high-performance networking, computing, storage and analysis. The XNet (Experimental Networks) team engages partners in research, education and industry to facilitate high-performance networking experiments during the SC conference. The XNet experiments often span multiple years, and the results serve to push the boundaries of network technologies and set the stage for SCinet’s continuous evolution to meet the network-intensive needs of the HPC community annual SC gathering.

Recent successes include adoption of the Faucet software-defined networking (SDN) controller and maturation of a data transfer node (DTN) service for SCinet.

Call for Proposals

XNet invites proposals on emerging, pre-commercial or pre-competitive, developmental, networking technologies, protocols, applications and services that can be applied or prototyped in future SCinet networks. XNet accepts two types of proposals:

  • XNet Planning: Proposals for early work to integrate experiments beyond
  • XNet Integration: Proposals for experiment integration in the SC conference

XNet Topics

Topics for this year’s experimental networks include:

  • High-touch network services
  • Systems for advanced wireless research
  • Data transfer nodes and data exchange services
  • Network programmability and capacity for 400G and beyond
  • Network infrastructure as a service (such as user-defined networks, etc.)
  • Testbed innovations and applications on international scale


While proposals will be accepted until June 30, 2021, submissions of XNet experiment plans will be open until August 1, 2021. The proposal team will also have an opportunity to present XNet efforts at the annual Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science (INDIS) workshop.


Proposals should be emailed to XNet Co-Chairs Paul Rush and Prasad Calyam:

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