SC21 Proceedings

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  1. Accelerating I/O for Traditional HPC and Modern ML Workloads on Emerging HPC Systems Wei Der Chien (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), Stefano Markidis (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), Artur Podobas (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

  2. Holistic Performance Analysis and Optimization of Unified Virtual Memory Tyler Allen (Clemson University), Rong Ge (Clemson University)

  3. Intelligent Job Scheduling for Next Generation HPC Systems Yuping Fan (Illinois Institute of Technology), Zhiling Lan (Illinois Institute of Technology), Michael Papka (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Northern Illinois University)

  4. Memory-Centric 3D Image Reconstruction with Hierarchical Communications on Multi-GPU Node Architecture Mert Hidayetoglu (University of Illinois), Wen-mei Hwu (University of Illinois)

  5. Operator Splittings on GPUs Christoph Klein (Heidelberg University, Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI)), Robert Strzodka (Heidelberg University, Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI))

  6. Parallel Algorithms for Scalable Graph Mining : Applications on Big Data and Machine Learning Naw Safrin Sattar (University of New Orleans), Shaikh Arifuzzaman (University of New Orleans)

  7. Performance Profiling, Analysis, and Optimization of GPU-Accelerated Applications Keren Zhou (Rice University), John Mellor-Crummey (Rice University)

  8. Program Transformation for Automatic GPU-Offloading with OpenMP Alok Mishra (Stony Brook University), Barbara Chapman (Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory), Abid Malik (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

  9. TIGRA: A Tightly Integrated Generic RISC-V Accelerator Interface Brad Green (Clemson University), Melissa C. Smith (Clemson University)

  10. Toward Complete Emulation of Quantum Algorithms Using High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Naveed Mahmud (University of Kansas), Esam El-Araby (University of Kansas)

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