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Introducing Cloud-Native Supercomputing: Bare-Metal, Secured Supercomputing Architecture
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Birds of a Feather
Cloud and Distributed Computing
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 20215:15pm - 6:45pm CST
DescriptionHigh-performance computing and artificial intelligence have evolved to be the primary data processing engines for wide commercial use, hosting a variety of users and applications. While providing the highest performance, supercomputers must also offer multi-tenancy security. Therefore they need to be designed as cloud-native platforms. The key element that enables this architecture is the data processing unit (DPU). DPU is a fully integrated data-center-on-a-chip platform that can manage the data center operating system instead of the host processor, enabling security and orchestration of the supercomputer. This architecture enables supercomputing platforms to deliver bare-metal performance, while natively supporting multi-node tenant isolation.
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