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High Performance Computing in the Cloud comparing Azure to AWS and an on-premises Supercomputer for NAMD, OpenFLOW CFD, and Cycling Data Assimilation Workflows
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20212pm - 2:30pm CST
DescriptionWe will review the advantages of bursting into the cloud for HPC workloads from a business, performance, and cost perspective. We will compare advantages of Azure cloud VMs especially designed for HPC workloads against AWS and supercomputers.
We and UIUC benchmarked NAMD simulation on STMV, comparing scaling results with results from the Frontera supercomputer, demonstrating that Azure HPC met and in some cases exceeded the supercomputer capabilities.
We will compare benchmarking results from 4 AWS configurations and 2 Azure configurations with the NOAA Hera supercomputer for cycling data assimilation of ocean and atmosphere observations, giving the rationale and findings of a study performed by NOAA.
Finally, we will compare benchmarking of the classic Motorbike CFD workload, for both Azure and AWS. We will analyze and assess scaling efficiency and validate operating performance. We will also illustrate cost efficiency and how it changes with scaling for Azure and AWS.
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