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Inclusivity Talk - Inclusive Excellence in Computing: It's Not About the Students
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Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
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TimeTuesday, 16 November 202112pm - 1pm CST
DescriptionInclusivity Talks at SC are a space to explore the current state of diversity and inclusion within computing, how D&I impact the field, and how to get involved to improve the inclusion of historically underrepresented groups in computing. For the inaugural year of the program, SC21 welcomes Dr. Shaundra Daily, Professor of Practice at Duke University and Associate Director of the Identity in Computing Group.

Abstract: As society continues to charge through a computational revolution, it is imperative that a diverse range of disciplines and groups shape and influence the future of computing and its applications. To date, however, much of computing design, development, and implementation has been dominated by technocentric fields which lack diversity with respect to identity. The effects of this lack of diversity in thought and approach have far-reaching social and cultural implications that are evident in academic/workplace cultures and biased/harmful technologies that negatively impact society at large and, most significantly, the most vulnerable. Changing this trajectory cannot rely on marginalized groups. Instead, institutions, which include people, policies, and practices must be transformed so that a broad spectrum of identities can not only participate in the development of technology, but also drive its future.

In this talk, Dr. Daily will discuss the current state of diversity in computing, challenges associated with centering interventions on marginalized groups, and how we can move towards a more inclusive future of computing.
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