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C++ Developer - Solver
SimpleRose Inc.
St. Louis, MO
SessionJob Fair
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Job Posting
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TimeMonday, 15 November 202112pm - 3pm CST
DescriptionWe are looking for an experienced C++ developer to work with us to parallelize critical processes. You will be working with Senior Software Engineers to evolve our processes over to GPU-friendly algorithms. And you will have an opportunity to learn GPU programming to take your career to the next level! You will participate in the Agile development process with a cross functional team that ranges from Operations Research, Software-as-a-Service, all the way down to the GPU layer. You will be joining an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, creative discourse, collaborative autonomy and challenging yourself and the status quo. You will be collaborating with colleagues who are highly intelligent, curious and ambitious engineers, and who want to work with and learn from other high-caliber individuals.

Desirable Skills:
-Linear programming / Mixed Integer Linear Programming
-Algebraic math
-Matrix techniques
-Scientific programming

Job Functions:
-C++ software development
-Learning GPU-based Parallel Software Development
-Participate in on-call rotation in support of the software you have developed
-Agile team responsibilities (grooming stories, point estimation, retrospectives, etc.)
Requirements-Ability to troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems -Strong communication, documentation and collaboration skills -Masters in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent work experience -Professional experience with C++ (if you’re not familiar with smart pointers, lambdas, “optional”, and “concepts” brushing up first is a fine strategy)
Company DescriptionSimpleRose is a prescriptive analytics company leveraging our supercomputing platform to tackle complex optimization problems and accelerate decision-making. With the proliferation of data and growing operational complexity, determining the best business decision has become increasingly difficult. Our next-gen optimization platform transforms data-to-action, quickly and accurately, to maximize revenue / profit / productivity or minimize cost / time / wasted resources. Our proprietary technology solves some of the largest, most complex optimization problems in the world for the best answer in the fastest time, which can drive hundreds of millions of dollars in the cost savings and/or revenue uplift.
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