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Bright Side and Dark Side of Codesign: Lessons Learned from Codesign for Fugaku
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Data Analytics
Emerging Technologies
Extreme Scale Comptuing
Heterogeneous Systems
HPC Community Collaboration
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Resource Management and Scheduling
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System Software and Runtime Systems
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TimeFriday, 19 November 20219:30am - 9:50am CST
DescriptionWe have carried out the FLAGSHIP 2020 Project to develop the Japanese exascale supercomputer “Fugaku” The exascale system should be designed to be dramatically energy-efficient while maintaining or improving performance, programmability, and reliability. As a key strategy for this challenge, codesign, has received considerable attention in the HPC community. In the project, we designed and developed an original manycore processor based on Armv8 instruction sets with the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), an A64FX processor, as well as a system including interconnect and a storage ubsystem with the industry partner, Fujitsu. The codesign of the system and applications was a key to making it power efficient and high performance. We determined many architectural parameters by reflecting an analysis of a set of target applications provided by applications teams. We will present our codesign effort for Fugaku and discuss the “bright” and “dark” sides of the codesign methodology as lessons learned from our project.
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