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Characterization and Prediction of Deep Learning Workloads in Large-Scale GPU Datacenters
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Big Data
File Systems and I/O
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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TimeThursday, 18 November 20214:30pm - 5pm CST
DescriptionModern GPU datacenters are critical for delivering Deep Learning (DL) models and services in both the research community and industry. When operating a datacenter, optimization of resource scheduling and management can bring significant financial benefits. Achieving this goal requires a deep understanding of the job features and user behaviors. We present a comprehensive study about the characteristics of DL jobs and resource management. First, we perform a large-scale analysis of real-world job traces from SenseTime. We uncover some interesting conclusions from the perspectives of clusters, jobs and users, which can facilitate the cluster system designs. Second, we introduce a general-purpose framework, which manages resources based on historical data. As case studies, we design: a Quasi-Shortest-Service-First scheduling service, which can minimize the cluster-wide average job completion time by up to 6.5x; and a Cluster Energy Saving service, which improves overall cluster utilization by up to 13%.
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