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Massachusetts Green Team
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Student Cluster Competition
Career Development
Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
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HPC Training and Education
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TimeWednesday, 17 November 202110am - 6pm CST
LocationBooth 133
DescriptionBenjamin Li is a Junior at Boston University studying ECE. He is the President of the HPC club and hosts workshops presenting HPC-related technologies, like MPI and Slurm. He participated in last year’s competition.
Po-Hao Chen is a Sophomore at Boston University studying CS. He has experience in computational science, and leverages clusters as a researcher working on deep-learning techniques for medical imaging. He participated in last year’s competition.
Richard Kumahia, a first-time competitor, is a Junior at UMass Lowell studying Computer Engineering. This will be the first time since 2018 that UMass will have a representative.

David Shen, a first-time competitor, is a Junior at Boston College studying Computer Science. David has competeted in MIT Battlecode AI, where he used scientific computing to analyse the actions of his robot. He will be the first person to represent Boston College at SC.

Carlton Knox, a first-time competitor, is a Sophomore studying Computer Engineering at Boston University. He is a member of the HPC club.

Michael Klein, a first time competitor, is a Freshman at Boston University studying computer science. He is a member of the HPC club.

The Massachusetts Green Team is composed of students representing three diverse Boston universities.
Richard has a deep knowledge of circuits and electromagnetics. Benjamin has knowledge of classical and modern physics, as well as device physics and semiconductor materials science. Both Benjamin and Richard believe that this can help them understand the background behind many of the scientific applications. Po Hao has a self-taught life sciences background.
Two team members, Benjamin and Po-Hao, have participated previously in the SC20 Student Cluster Competition. They want to apply the skills they’ve gained from that experience to perform better this year. While the other members are new, they are excited and motivated to learn about cluster computing, and will bring fresh ideas that the other members might not have previously considered.
Po Hao is interested in designing efficient algorithms and plans to pursue a Ph.D in theoretical computer science. Benjamin will soon be pursuing a Ph.D in HPC, and has worked with large clusters in the past. He hopes to gain applicable skills for his career, as well as network with industry veterans. Richard hopes to gain more experience with computational science in order to better understand the capabilities of computers. Throughout his undergraduate career, David has worked with operating systems and file systems. He hopes to benefit from optimizing a distributed file system for this competition. Carlton will be doing research related to computer processor cooling solutions this summer. By participating, he hopes to learn more about how HPC can be applied to his research. Michael is interested in HPC as an academic career path because he enjoys optimizing algorithms for hardware. He wants to learn more about the field and connect with industry professionals.
Kurt Keville, the team’s advisor, is a researcher at MIT and has previously mentored many competition teams. He has provided us with resources, connections, and well as insight into cluster design.
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