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Death Valley Computing
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Student Cluster Competition
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Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
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HPC Training and Education
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TimeThursday, 18 November 202110am - 3pm CST
LocationBooth 133
DescriptionHPC is a priority and topic of research across several departments and colleges at Clemson University. Clemson students and faculty regularly use HPC to revolutionize their field of study. Last year, Clemson put together a diverse and competitive team and competed for the first time at the Virtual Student Cluster Competition (VSCC) . This year Clemson’s Death Valley Computing is a diverse and strong team with new candidates who are applying their strengths and collaborating together to build a formidable team. Each member carries a strong foundation in traditional computer science and engineering, along with their individual experiences and skill sets for various aspects of the competition. Participation in the SCC provides us with an opportunity unlike any other to combine our knowledge and creativity to evaluate and expand our understanding of HPC; more importantly, lay the foundation for future opportunities in graduate school and industry.

Aaron Bruner, a senior Computer Engineer (CPE), is interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision for autonomous vehicles. After graduating, he will work at Proterra researching self-driving busses.

Cooper Sanders, a junior (CPE), is interested in deep learning and worked on five different research projects in Math and ECE. He has explored DL models in Clemson’s DGX2 culminating in him interning with Clemson Energy Visualization & Analytics Center designing algorithms to forecast campus power consumption.

David Krasowska, a junior (CPE) with a minor in Mathematics and CS, is interested in hardware design and architecture. He spent four years in FIRST Robotics developing efficient robot mechanical designs and competitive skills.

Ethan Gindlesperger, a junior (CPE) with a minor in mathematics and a focus on signal processing, has a background in video game design, robotics, and took part in highschool Science Olympiad competitions. Ethan will parlay his HPC experience in this competition to become a strong candidate for graduate school and/or industry jobs.

Sansriti Ranjan, a senior (CPE) from Bangalore, India. She is a former college tennis player who is inquisitive and keen to learn about HPC’s transformational impact in data analytics and machine learning in sports to improve athletic performance. She competed on Clemson’s 2020 team.

Steven Lam, a junior (CPE), is interested in computer architecture
and has built several computers. He worked as a software developer for Itron’s Research and Development Team building internal web applications. As a sophomore, he developed a self-driving AI to be used in The Open Racing Simulator to detect potholes or abnormalities in the road or traffic and distribute that information locally to the other cars.

The team’s mentor is Dr. Jon C. Calhoun, a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering who researches fault tolerance and lossy data compression. He is a strong advocate of HPC education and research for undergraduates; mentoring 7 undergraduates in his research group in 2020-2021.
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