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Mindful Career Navigation (11:30 - 1:15 pm)
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Career Development
Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
Education and Training and Outreach
Professional Development
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TimeTuesday, 16 November 202111:30am - 1:15pm CST
DescriptionOur jobs and studies are a big part of our lives. They can motivate and push us forward, but at the same time they can be a source of frustration and stress, and negatively impact our wellbeing. Learning how to build successful and long lasting work relationships, figuring out how to cope with difficult situations, finding the balance between your personal and work life and knowing how to keep your motivation going are important aspects of navigating your career. Although everyone needs to figure out what works best for them, some experiences and pointers can be shared.

This session will focus on skills necessary to thrive in the workforce. Some of the topics that will be covered are: work-life balance, how to handle stress, how to prevent burnout, and how to maintain self-confidence and rebound from failure. This session will have an interactive component, giving the participants a chance to reflect and share their perspectives.
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