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Development of HPC - Emerging Technologies for Next-Gen HPC (11:15 - 12:15 pm CST)
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TimeThursday, 18 November 202111:15am - 12:15pm CST
DescriptionHigh Performance Computing (HPC) has a long history of development to enable and improve the quality of large simulations - including weather and climate forecasting, drug discovery and aerodynamic design of vehicles such as planes and racing cars. To achieve the necessary improvements in computational power, over the past decades, HPC has seen multiple radical changes to the system architecture - from serial mainframe machines to highly parallel systems, often having millions of processing units. The shifts in hardware were accompanied by the changes in the programming approaches.

To further improve performance, recent trends include using highly specialised compute devices at the expense of increased programming difficulty and decreased portability between different HPC systems. Furthermore, techniques used for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing increasingly find their ways into HPC, creating an even more complex landscape. This panel will discuss the evolution of HPC over the ages and present views on what we can expect in the future.

This session starts with an overview of past developments and their relation to the current trends. Afterwards, the panelists will discuss emerging technologies and current research for the next generation of more performant and energy-efficient HPC systems.
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