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Introduction to Networking Technologies for High-Performance Computing
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TimeSunday, 14 November 20218am - 12pm CST
DescriptionThis tutorial will provide an overview of networking technologies for HPC: their architectural features; current market standing; and suitability for designing HEC systems. It will start with a brief overview of IB, HSE, RoCE, Omni-Path, EFA, Tofu, Slingshot and Omni-Path. An in-depth overview of the architectural features of IB, HSE and Omni-Path; their similarities and differences; and the associated protocols will be presented. An overview of the emerging NVLink/NVLink2/NVSwitch architectures will be given. An overview of the OpenFabrics stack which encapsulates IB, HSE and RoCE (v1/v2) in a unified manner will be presented. An overview of libfabrics stack will also be provided. Hardware/software solutions and the market trends behind these networking technologies will be highlighted. Sample performance numbers of these technologies and protocols for different environments will be presented. Finally, hands-on exercises will be carried out for the attendees to gain first-hand experience of running experiments with high-performance networks.
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