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Peachy Assignment: Introduction to Batch Scheduling Concepts and Practices
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Big Data
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HPC Training and Education
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TimeSunday, 14 November 20213:56pm - 4:10pm CST
DescriptionThis assignment targets the basic concepts and practices that are necessary for using a batch-scheduled platform effectively. Active learning is achieved via interactive pedagogic activities. Specifically, these activities provide students with an in-the-browser, command-line Shell running on the head node of a cluster managed by Slurm, all in simulation. Each activity guides students toward specific learning objectives via a series of questions, each of which requires hands-on experimentation in the above Shell. Because the execution is simulated, it is possible for students to reset time or to advance time at will, which makes it possible for them to explore and compare alternative job submission strategies quickly and conveniently. This assignment has almost no prerequisites, does not require any hardware besides a student computer, and only requires that Docker be installed on that computer. To date, this assignment has been used successfully in one offering of a graduate-level HPC course.
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