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SCTuner: An Auto-Tuner Addressing Dynamic I/O Needs on Supercomputer I/O Sub-Systems
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Data Analytics
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File Systems and I/O
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TimeMonday, 15 November 20213:30pm - 3:55pm CST
DescriptionThis work proposes SCTuner, an auto-tuner integrated within I/O library itself to dynamically tune both the I/O library and the underlying I/O stack at application runtime. To this end, we introduce a statistical benchmarking method to profile the behaviors of individual supercomputer I/O sub-systems with varied configurations across I/O layers. We use the benchmarking results as the built-in knowledge in SCTuner, implement an I/O pattern extractor and plan to implement an online performance tuner as the SCTuner runtime. We conducted a benchmarking analysis on the Summit supercomputer and its GPFS file system Alpine. The preliminary results show that our method can effectively extract the consistent I/O behaviors of the target system under production load, building the base for I/O auto-tuning at application runtime.
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