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Robin O'Neill
Robin O’Neill is Vice President, Engineering, for GigaIO Networks, inventors of PCIe as a routable network. Robin has a history of version 1.0 innovation for companies such as Western Digital, Hewlett Packard, PolyServe (acquired by HP), Intel, the Advanced Computer Research Institute (Lyon, France), Sequent Computer Systems, and The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Most recently, he was head of WDLABS, leading the exploration and incubation of emerging systems, software, and new business opportunities for Western Digital.

His more notable joint contributions include the Computational Flash Storage architecture at Western Digital, the industry’s first fully-symmetric clustered filesystem at PolyServe, the Decoupled-loop Pipelining CPU at the Advanced Computer Research Institute in France, the industry’s first commercial NUMA system and first commercial SMP system at Sequent, the IEEE POSIX standard, and the Unix-based time-sharing supercomputer operating system at LLNL.
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