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Brent Welch
Brent Welch is a software engineer at Google working on cluster management. Previously he was Chief
Technology Officer at Panasas, which developed a scalable, high-performance, object-based distributed file
system used in a variety of HPC environments. He has worked at Xerox-PARC and Sun Microsystems
Laboratories. Brent has experience building software systems from the device driver level up through network
servers, user applications, and graphical user interfaces. While getting his PhD at UC Berkeley, he designed
and built the Sprite distributed file system. Brent is the creator of the TclHttpd web server, the exmh email
user interface, and the author of Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk. Brent participates in the NFSv4
working group, and is co-author of the pNFS internet drafts that specify parallel I/O extensions for NFSv4.
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File Systems and I/O
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