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Matt (Sangkeun) Lee received his Ph.D. degree in computer science and engineering from Seoul National University in 2012. He is currently an R&D Associate in Computer Science and Mathematics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has been studying big data, data science, and machine learning and applied state-of-the-art data analysis technologies in many application domains. He has developed many data analytics software, and one of his developed software, ORiGAMI has won the 2016 DOE R&D 100 Award. He has been contributing to many of leading computer science conferences and journals such as ACM WWW, ACM RecSys, Expert Systems with Applications. For the last few years, he has collaborated with scientists across various domains including material science, nuclear science, and mechanical engineering, and published papers in scientific journals such as Journal of Nuclear Materials, Acta Materialia, The Electricity Journal, Advanced Theory, and Simulations.
Big Data
File Systems and I/O
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
State of the Practice
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