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Makoto Tsubokura has been the professor of computational fluid dynamics at the Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University since 2015, and the leader of Complex Unified Simulation Research Team at the Center of Computational Science, RIKEN since 2012. After earning a PhD from the University of Tokyo in 1997, he first became a lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1999, then associate professor at the University of Electro-Communications in 2003, then at Hokkaido University in 2007.

He specializes in research and development of mathematical modeling and simulation algorithms for thermal fluids in turbulent state, and their expansion to massively parallel environment on high-end supercomputers.

He is a fellow of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, and Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. He has been a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan since 2020.
ACM Gordon Bell Finalist
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