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Jeffrey “Jeff” Buchsbaum, MD., Ph.D., A.M. is the Medical Officer in the Clinical Radiation Oncology Branch (CROB) in the Radiation Research Program of the National Cancer Institute. The CROB promotes and manages support for a portfolio of research grants and contracts that advance translational and clinical research in radiation therapy.
Dr. Buchsbaum’s programmatic experience includes membership on teams conducting the development, evaluation, and management of multi-disciplinary research programs and consortia including photodynamic therapy, CTEP agent and radiation therapy, high-LET translational radiobiology, and other areas. He contributes to CTEP review, grants management, and unique opportunities for science associated with new technologies and the interface of missions across the USG where RRP science is a focus. His interests are both focused and broad - looking at quality assurance, pediatric radiation therapy, LINAC research, international collaborations, and late effects. He is the senior pediatric radiation oncologist seeing patients on the main NIH campus.
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