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Abstract: Previous attempts at providing commercial memory centric computing systems have largely failed due to technologies that did not live up to expectations. The emerging CXL standard is one of the crucial technologies that will enable commercial memory centric systems in the coming years. This talk will introduce the CXL standard, how the CXL standard will enable efficient memory centric computing and some of the market factors shaping current and future versions of the standard. The HPC community will be able to leverage these high-volume market features to realize memory centric computing systems that will provide significant improvements in performance and system energy consumption.

Bio: Tony Brewer is currently the chief architect in Micron’s Near Data Computing group. He is the principal investigator on multiple government contracts and manages a team of architects and researchers focused on various processing in or near memory style architectures. His career has been focused on system architecture in both the high-performance computing as well as the telecommunications industries. Prior to joining Micron in 2015, Tony Brewer was a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Convey Computer. Former employers include Data General, Convex Computer, and Hewlett Packard. Tony Brewer received his MS and BS degrees in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and has over 175 filed patents.
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Memory Systems
Parallel Programming Languages and Models
System Software and Runtime Systems
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